General Pest Control

• We spray an exterior barrier all the way around the home to protect it.
  • We spray any and all harborage sites around the home to ensure no pests are setting up their homes around your home. These areas include bases of trees, river rock, underneath and around all plants, water meter boxes, sprinkler boxes, etc
 • We spray all of the columns and base of block wall to make sure no pests are climbing or coming through to your back yard.
 • To treat grass areas we have a great water activated granule that we spread throughout the grass that goes down into the dirt where the bugs live.
 • Lastly we come inside and treat all your window frames, around plumbing under sinks, Interior exterior doors and dust all exhaust vents on the initial service to make sure we get all the bugs inside. We usually only spray the outside on regular maintenance services but will spray the inside at no additional cost upon request.

Our Promise – Protection

The most important aspect of pest control is to keep your home, your pets, and most importantly you and your children protected. We use only EPA Registered pesticides that are labeled for use in and around homes. We also use the least toxic pesticide that is available to control the targeted pest and apply it according to the label.


The main chemicals we use are made from the chrysanthemum plant. It is pet friendly, kid friendly, and extremely low in odor.
Once dried, the chemical has less toxicity to humans and pets than regular table salt. Our chemical is mixed with water and sprayed around your home.
If any issues arise between services we will come out and spot treat any issues the customer is having to make sure they are happy and house is protected.

Seal Your Home and Tell Pests to Hit The Road!

If you really want to keep pests from getting into your home, home sealing is the solution. Lancealot Pest Management L.L.C. offers a comprehensive home seal that blocks common points of entry for pests, denying them access to your home. Using caulk, wire mesh, weather-stripping, and a number of other tools and tactics, our certified pest control technicians will seal cracks and crevices, windows, and enmesh vents. Our home sealing process is one of the most effective forms of pest control. To learn more about home sealing, give us a call or schedule an appointment for your free pest inspection!

How do we protect your home against termites?

We inspect your home. A licensed termite inspector performs a thorough inspection, which determines the treatment option. The inspector will ask a few questions to make sure they are familiar with your situation and any specific requests that you have:

  •  Are you aware of any termite activity at your neighbors’ homes?
  •  Have you seen any termite activity at your own home?
  •  If you have seen termites, where is the activity?

The scope of the termite control treatment is determined by the size of the infestation, the size of the area that requires treatment, the type of landscaping and hardscape around a home and other factors. Once the inspection is completed, the inspector will provide a detailed sketch that outlines the treatment, the product to be used and the termite treatment cost. The inspector will also let you know of any conditions conducive to termites that must be addressed prior to treatment. We treat your home. On the day of treatment, an Arizona licensed termite technician arrives within the specified treatment time. They alert you to his or her arrival, answering any questions you may have prior to beginning the treatment. Lancealot Pest management is known for the quality of its service technicians. Great care is taken to ensure the treatment area is left clean and orderly. You can also be confident that the treatment is performed in line with Lancealot best practices and our commitment to excellent work.

We guarantee protection!

After the termite control treatment is complete, you are protected under Lancealot’s treatment protection guarantee. This means that if at any time during the protection period you have a reoccurrence of termite activity, we will return immediately to treat your home—at no additional charge. The length of the protection period is determined by the scope of treatment performed.

If you have specific questions about termites treatments or if you would like to schedule a FREE no-obligation termite inspection, CALL NOW!

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